Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Motivating Employees

From www.isri.org this morning - How to motivate employees in a slow economy.
Our people are our most important asset. No, they really can't be replaced by cleaper, less experienced labor in the downturn and then brought back in the upturn.

Even when times are tough financially and incentive bonuses are out of the question, we still need to find ways to encourage employees to maintain a safe and healthful workplace. Sometimes, simple recognition for a job well done is all that is needed. Here are some low-cost motivators to help keep workers in the game:

• Write a letter of commendation
• Ask employees for input/advice
• Give verbal praise
• Pass along compliments you received from others
• Write an email to a superior and copy the employee
• Put positive information in the employee’s productivity file
• Provide quick follow up on problems/hazards when recognized
• Post positive achievements on a safety bulletin board or in an employee newsletter
• Say thank you — And MEAN IT
• Allow flexible work scheduling (flextime)
• Designate special parking places
• Give out awards — e.g., plaques, trophies, certificates
• Feature an employee of the month
• Recognize peers who have helped you
• Have a coffee/juice morning to acknowledge accomplishments
• Create group awards to recognize teamwork
• Thank somebody who contributes ideas — regardless of whether you use the idea
• Always give others credit where credit is due
• ASK the employees how they want to be recognized
• Post complimentary letters on a safety bulletin board
• Send employees to special seminars and workshops that may interest them

When workers feel better about themselves, they tend to take an interest in their work and their company. This loyalty leads to longevity. Longevity leads to experience. Experience is an important element in working . . .

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