Thursday, August 14, 2008

Manners and other extinct behaviors

Having been in the dating world for a while now, I think I can make some observations on the state of manners in the modern dating sphere.

I'm not certain whatever happened to manners, or generally civilized behavior, but it most certainly has become the domain of the "nice guy" - the man with no backbone, with only a few exceptions.

We aren't talking about a car or building door here. That's child's play. I'm talking about ordering food, rising when your lady comes to or leaves the table, and globally treating your woman like she is the lady you expect her to be.

Did it EVER occur to the gentlemen that if you TREAT her like a lady, you will GET a lady?

And well, its sexy as hell, and that type of treatment will also serve to turn us into the bedroom version you SO adore.