Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Horse Lover's Worst Nightmare

This has been sitting in my queue for months, sorry folks!


I watched this live... one of the saddest moments of my life. This filly was a horse owner's dream, something akin to Secretariat. And then, in an irish pub too close to the Mason Dixon, I heard some eejit say, "I bet that owner had her put down because he could collect the insurance money. Why couldn't they save her like they do with a dog who breaks a leg?"

I'm sorry, he did NOT just say that!!???

For anyone who doesn't know, despite medical advances, the chances of a horse surviving a double ankle break are astronomically low. Like someplace between oh, let's see.... SLIM and NONE. While there has been much ballyhoo about the vet in California who is doing prosthetics for horses, this is not a viable option just yet for most of these injuries.

Eight Belles was an amazing, courageous, beautiful horse. And she's a Kentucky Derby winner.
The fastest three minutes in sports, and SHE won.

While there is something to be said for letting these beautiful creatures get a bit older before we race them (looking to other nations that participate in the sport as an example) To say this horse was not born to run is a dis-service to the breed.

Rest in Peace, Eight Belles. You were the pride of the Derby, and I do believe you'd have taken the Triple Crown this year. We have missed out on an incredible life from you.